Transway Cargo Lifters (TCL) offers a wide range of services to its customer so as to provide them with the best solutions for their Transportation and Logistics needs.

Freight Logistics (Full Truck Load Service)

Full truck Load (FTL) provides transportation and logistics services to manage the flow of heavy goods from the origin point to the consumption point.

With an extensive experience in Logistics and transportation for more than four decades, we are among the pioneers in Freight Logistics. We cater to wide range of industries such as white goods, consumer durables, textile and industrial goods etc.

We have 300 plus fleet of vehicles to serve in more the 100 locations pan-India. We offer transportation solutions to our customers ranging from Over dimensional cargo vehicles, multi-axel containers to mini trucks like Tata 407 and Ace.

We understand that our customers’ needs are different and one - size –fits –all approach does not serve the purpose. Therefore our services are customized to accommodate their unique logistics and transportation requirements.

(We can also mention if it is ISO certified for its services or another certification is there)

Retail Logistics (Part Load Service or Less Than Full Load)

Supply chain and logistics management is the backbone of manufacturers, distributors and retailers and high quality of our logistics services ensures ideal collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. Our Retail Logistics which is also known as Part Load or Less Than Full Load Service facilitate the transportation of relatively small freight.

We are the trusted partner of some of the leading multi-national companies in India for transporting their cargo and freight. We ensure that our customers are more than satisfied by going an extra mile to assist them during seasonal fluctuations and alleviate their fears and concerns regarding their freight.

Carrying and Forwarding Services

This is a unique set of services provided to our clients where we act as their Carrying and Forwarding Agents and offer them following exclusive services:

  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation
  • Just-in –Time (JIT )
  • First in First Out (Fifo)
  • Last in Last Out (Lifo)

Express Transportation

We also specialize in Express transportation service required for catering to certain highly time-critical deliveries such as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Our clearly defined escalation process ensures that management is immediately notified of the emergencies and quick decisions are taken in consultation with the client. We maintain an Emergency Response Team which at once springs into action and do what it takes to get the job done.

Third Party Logistics (3 PL)

We act as entity to provide solution for all your transportation, logistics and supply-chain needs. Our transportation service is scaled as per the requirements of our clients.

We understand that our client’s needs are based on market conditions and this unique service provides a complete logistics solution to our customers.


We partner with our clients to endow them with solutions to all of their supply chain and Logistics needs by providing value added service like warehousing, managing dedicated distribution centers, carrying and forwarding and on-site Logistics etc.

We recognize that warehousing is an integral part of logistics and supply chain management; therefore we arrange this facility as and when required by our clients.

The USP of our services is that we enrich our clients with a superb customer service. Each of our clients has a dedicated ‘Relationship Manager’ who acts as a single point of contact for all queries and concerns.

We have received several awards and recognitions like ‘Top Vendor of the year’ , ‘The most reliable vendor’ and ‘The most trusted transporter’ from our clients like Samsung, Whirlpool etc. which is a testimony to our premium quality services.

Multi-modal Transportation.

The cargo market demands a global solution and network linking all four modes of transportation i.e. Air, Road, Rail & Sea.

The Cargo Industry as we know is an expanding market. The need for a comprehensive logistics system in transportation, communications and information sector, is much needed. This helps provide an economical, smooth, reliable and speedy carriage of shipments to various destinations on selected mode of transport which must not only ensure hassle-free service but should render sizable savings in the freight expenses.

The choice of 4 PL transportation along with our expertise gives the consignor the freedom and comfort of end to end movement through a single window without any worries.

Multimodal Transport is the next-gen in logistics as it incorporates; air, sea, land and rail into one complete process that ensures an efficient and cost-effective door-to-door movement of goods under the responsibility of a single transport operator.